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Scholarship Foundation Drive was huge success!

We raised over $3000 this weekend with our annual homecoming raffle. Thanks to all who made it a point to come out this weekend and it’s never to late to donate. https://www.wepay.com/donate/149447

I want to thank the following for their donations at the U of M Homecoming event 2011:
Jon Heinz
Daron Korte
Tyler Madson
Chris Plumb
John Vento
Mike Livingston
Rob Parker
David Tuomala
AJ Pirkl
Blaine Lawrence
Bryce Holsted
Lyle Deepe
Trent Novak
Sean Barrett
Noel Meusweissn
Sean Scallen
Bonnie Korte
Kevin Schweitzer
Ryan Elsner
Charlie Meyer
Tom Tar
Chris Medrano
Nick Ewing
Chad Tatur
Zev Radzwill
Steve Passman
Matthew Johnson
Scott Judd
Hans Okerstrom
Chris Kanan
JD Spangler
Mike Spencer
Dennis Marquardt
Tim Bohl