2011 Recipient : UofMN

Brady Williams

In my short time at Delta Chi, I have prided myself on academic excellence and urged my peers to do the same. In my first three semesters here at the University of Minnesota I earned a 3.93 GPA in the University Honors Program  and was named to the Dean’s list 3 consecutive semesters in addition to the Housing and Residential Life Outstanding Academic Achievement list. I know this only a short time but I believe it to be indicative of the type of student that I am. In high school, aside from being a member of numerous honors organizations I had a cumulative GPA of 4.19, was on the “A” Honor Roll for 8 consecutive semesters, and was a commended student in the National Merit Scholarship Competition.

In the classroom, I strive to not only get through the class with the desired grade, but to thoroughly learn the information. Being an extremely self-motivated learner, this dedication applies to outside the classroom as well. Whether this is accomplished through extra problems, additional reading, or extra online resources, I pride myself on not only grasping the superficial concepts that are often tested, but understanding the logic and reasoning of the material. Not only the “What?” but the “Why?”.

Although I believe academics to be extremely important, life requires balance. In high school I was involved in a variety of organizations, both academic and athletic and this continued into my college career. However, my school work always came first. In my first few semesters here at the university, I pushed myself to become involved in the school and in the fraternity. This required both discipline and time management to balance activities and social events with necessary study time. My first year I held the position of academics chair, and tried to encourage this sense of balance while maintaining emphasis on the importance of academics. Now, In addition to being involved on campus, playing club baseball, working in a research lab, and being the intramural sports chair, I still manage to make academic success my top priority.

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