2011 Recipient : Mankato

Jacob Moe

Freshman year can be challenging for many college students. Expectations can vary from each person, but the experience is simply what you make it out to be, since it is something entirely new to all of us. And with most of my freshman year behind me, my experience here at Minnesota State University, Mankato is much better than I expected.

Academically, during the first semester I carried 18 credits and made the Dean’s List here in Mankato. I also had the second highest GPA in our chapter with a 3.54. I have very high expectations of myself and have been working diligently to improve that number even higher. I have been living on campus this year and it has made a great impact on my attitude towards classes, and how seriously I take them. I am responsible for paying for my education, so I know that what I do will affect me in the long run and get me to where I want to go.

I became a member of Delta Chi in the fall, and that has had a hugely positive impact on me. During the first week I met members of the fraternity, and they helped me make the decision to join, and it was a great one! So far, as a new member I was pledge class President, I am now Secretary of the chapter, Social Chair, have been attending IFC meetings, and am working hard to take over the Presidential office when Jared leaves after this spring. I have been working closely with him, and feel that I am up to the challenge if it becomes a possibility.

We have had several fundraisers and community events such as sandbagging that I have been involved with, and am seeing clearly the positive impact that we can have on the community. I am glad to be a part of that and look forward to doing more in the future!

These are just a few of the accomplishments and achievements that I have had thus far in my freshman year. I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me, and thank you for considering me for the scholarship. This would be a tremendous help towards continuing my education and more here at MSU, Mankato.

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