2010 Recipient : UofMN

Luke Klicka

Delta Chi became my home the second semester of my freshman year. This group of gentleman has taught me a number of life lessons and I continue to grow as a person in large part to the involvement I have enjoyed in the bond of Delta Chi. I am now in my final semester at the University of Minnesota, and I cant help but look back and reminisce about my journey.

The first position I took within the house was the Intramural Sports Chair. Admittedly, it was an easy chair, but it gave me experience working with the Vice President and coordinating with the other members of the house. It was because I held this position that I was chosen to be the Sports Chair for Homecoming my sophomore year. Again, this was not a difficult task, but it opened the door for inter-fraternal relations and how to coordinate events on a much larger scale. The following year I was on the Standards Board, and we had to handle with some very delicate situations for the chapter. The fall semester of 2008 I was also chosen to be a Big Bro to Lane Pralle. He has gone inactive because of financial reasons, but based on past conversations with him I am hopeful that he will return. The spring semester of 2009 granted me the opportunity to study abroad in Australia. It was a great experience for me and it really helped me narrow my future dreams and goals.

In my final year as an undergraduate I have taken a larger role within the house then I had ever previously enjoyed. The fall semester I was very active in recruitment and I got to know a lot of freshman. I went out of my way to contact potential new members and invite them to small social gatherings so they could meet the members of the house. The result was one of our strongest recruiting classes since I have been here and the results have spoken for themselves; almost all of the new members have taken on positions and are very active in their newfound roles. This class also presented me with my second Lil Bro, Joe Jackson. Since returning from Australia I have been the brotherhood chair for both semesters as well as a member of the standards board. The Brotherhood Chair has been my greatest experience as a member of Delta Chi. I was able to plan several new events and I really enjoy being able to bring the house together for a brothers only event once or twice a month, depending on our schedule and other obligations.

In my time at Delta Chi I have been elected to the Brotherhood Chair twice, Standards Board three times, Intramural Sports Chair once, and been chosen as a Big Bro twice. I was and always have been a brother that members could come to with any problems or issues. Based on my age I have become a leader to many of our new members and I like to believe I have left Delta Chi a better place then when I found it.

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