As Founder Peter Schermerhorn Johnson said, “the Fraternity man never graduates…He belongs to the family for life.”

To Delta Chi alumni, those words have a special significance, reminding us not only that we were members of Delta Chi in college, but that we are still members today…and forever.  We reminisce about our undergraduate days, remembering the good times and bad, but more importantly, we remember our brothers and the camaraderie we shared with them.  College was a special time, and our fraternity was a unique part of it.  Many alumni are able to continue to benefit from their Delta Chi brotherhood through involvement in an alumni chapter and the various other organizations supporting our brother hood.

Mission Statements for the following organizations can be found below:

Twin Cities Area Alumni Chapter of Delta Chi

Alumni Board of Trustees for the Minnesota Chapter

Minnesota Delta Chi House Corporation

Minnesota Delta Chi House Corporation and Alumni Chamber Committee

Where Delta Chi Alumni go to Network, Socialize, and Support The Fraternity.