Meeting Minutes 09112012


Officer Elections

Sean motioned to re-elect the same staff as previous.

Bud seconded

Motion passed

  • A – Matt Johnson
  • B – Freddie Boyle
  • C – Bud Pruitt
  • D – Sean Barrett
  • E – Joe Meyer
  • F – Justin Youngbluth

Founders Day Dinner (Oct 7)

Initial Reception at house then a bus ride to dinner at the St. Paul Student Center.  The undergrads are looking for roughly $400 in alumni support.  Sean will follow up and request that they reach out to the alumni to attend, if they do that, we’ll pitch in some money.

Cash flow is tight at the moment.  We have several participating members that have not paid dues for the year.

U of M Homecoming (Oct 12/13th)

There will be a raffle with 3 tiers of prices.  Ticket prices will be $5, $10, $20.  Some of the alumni will not be there due to Eut’s wedding on Saturday.  As a result, we may place a greater emphasis on Friday night.

Friday, will provide chips and dip, more low key, and BYOB.  We’ll setup an email for planning purposes for music.  The parade is 5:00 on Friday.  Honz and his band may play.

Sat – Dalphne and Eric will come.  The alumni group will provide bottled water, coffee, and the omelette bar.  Usually, Matty and Sean run things in the morning.  Sean/Matt will talk to Nolan to see who can sell raffle tickets Friday and Saturday.

Mankato Alumni Banquet (Oct 13)

It’s occurring the same day as homecoming and a wedding.  As a result, no one from the alumni association will be able to come down.

Introduction of 2013 calendar of events

January – AFC/NFC Championship games

April 13th – something at the house for the MN Founder’s Day Alumni Event.  Bring your own homebrew, pizzas, apps, scotch tasting, BYOB

June/July – Brits for lawn bowling.  15-20 came for the event in 2012.

August 17th – Golf Outing – Tickets at mulligans – Buy $200 in stuff, sold $400 in tickets, made $200 for the alumni association.

Other Business

  • ·         Matt to provide a list of OSU alumni to Bud.  He’ll call them setup a happy hour or invite to next happy hour.
  • ·         Sean voiced concern that with the housing corporation becoming its own 501 3c we may want to work together as a collective organization to determine what’s in the best interest for the kids and the house when it comes to scholarship and housing corp.  We’re going to the well to the same people.  Matt suggested getting undergrads, alumni, and sponsors together to plan out collectively the direction we should go with donations, use, and future benefits.
  • ·         Bud will find previous scholarship winners essays and send to Matt to be included on the website.

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